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About us

About HupKwonDo International

We are actively recruiting committed individuals, with open minds and a minimum rank of first degree black belt, who seek to broaden their martial arts horizons and accept a new challenge and a business opportunity in starting or operating a HapKwonDo school.


Many martial arts are useless in real life and death situations. HupKwonDo prepares you for the street, not just the classroom or the competitive arena. In a real fight, every second count. Most attacks last under one minute. There is no time to assume the "proper" stance stance and strike the perfect pose? Form is meaningless when someone takes a real life swing at you. That spinning back kick that looks so good in the tournament ring will leave you wide open. That rigid, stiff style will leave you tied up in knots and impede the speed and flexibility which may save your life. Those punches your training has conditioned you to pull will not exert the force necessary to drop your opponent. Welcome to the real world!

With HupKwonDo your training will never work against you in this way.

From the very beginning you are trained to triumph because HupKwonDo was designed for self-defense that works on the street. We don't train you to impress judges of win tournaments. Our aim is simple: an effective means of defending yourself in a real life situation. You will learn to move in fast, strike hard and move out. You won't expose yourself as a martial artist with artificial stances or poses. Your assailant will be on the ground, wondering what hit him before he realizes he had made the mistake of attacking a real martial artist, secure and confident in his or her skills.

Who can learn HupKwonDo?

Quite simply, anyone -- regardless of race, size, sex or age. Athletic ability helps, but lack of it is no barrier. Our instructors will patiently tailor their teaching to your level, capabilities and particular situation.

HupKwonDo has eliminated the intimidating and immature aspects of learning a martial art. We want to erase the images of bloodthirsty ninjas and kung fu killers depicted in movies. HupKwonDo is a serious and satisfying activity that the whole family can participate in and enjoy. It is intensely practical, physically demanding but also fun and accessible to anyone with the patience and drive to work through the step by step process.

The is no bogus Eastern mysticism or secret initiation involved in getting a black belt. It takes sweat and dedication. The black belt represents a level of skill and artistry which we believe every student capable of, work, dedication and perseverance can achieve.


You will never be out of shape again.

The unique skills and training associated with this art provide great cardiovascular enhancement. HupKwonDo patterns are as effective as any aerobic exercise. The heart and lungs really get a workout as does every muscle in the body.

Your work on the heavy bag will increase power and strength. The style of punching and kicking will build coordination and muscle tone. If done properly there will be no injuries. The patterns will really work up a sweat and yet, while they are very intense, they are low impact.

There is virtually nothing that HupKwonDo cannot do for you. This combined with a sensible eating lifestyle (we do not believe in diets) will add years to your life. You will have a form of exercise that will be with you forever.


hkdHupKwonDo is a holistic discipline. Who you are is just asimportant as what you can do. You spiritual and moral development are equally important. The qualities spelled out in our tenets are vital in their significance:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Humility
  • Discipline
  • Courage

No one receives promotions into higher belt levels without displaying these qualities. HupKwonDo is definitely concerned with physical skills, but the spirit and character behind those skills, especially for the young. In the event of a conflict, HupKwonDo trains you to prevail -- not necessarily by devastating your opponent. With the maturity and self-confidence fostered by HupKwonDo, it should rarely, if ever, be necessary to resort to violence. Insecurity leads to violence. HupKwonDo develops secure, disciplined, well-rounded individuals who are also, as a last resort, well-equipped to protect themselves in a physical confrontation.