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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-I have a black belt in another form of martial arts (Karate, Taekwon-do etc.) Do I have to start from the beginning in HupKwonDo or does my experience give me a head start?
A-HupKwonDo is built on different concepts from other martial arts. Experience in another style does not give you an edge because you would not be familiar with the basics. Your ability to learn, your dedication hard work and trust in your instructors may help you move through the belt levels more quickly. Some people who come to us from other martial arts are amazed at how different HupKwonDo is. When you take your first class you will not want to rush through the program, You will want to take your time and master every movement. We believe the power you will feel as you learn the HupKwonDo techniques of kicking, punching and blocking will surpass anything you have felt before. 

2014-06-14 14.50.33Q-I have never heard of HupKwonDo International. If I join will I become a part of a small insignificant fly-by-night operation?
A-Absolutely not, HupKwonDo International has affiliated schools all over the world and growing larger every day. We are an established organization, with our own trademark and certification. We are a young but serious and highly developed organization. Our President, Grand Master Lim, has a long and respected track record in the martial arts and has been featured on the cover of the Taekwon-Do Times. Very few individuals in the martial arts can equal his record and credentials. After a long and distinguished career in the martial arts, and not satisfied to rest on his laurels, he has applied his lifetime of insights and experience to the development of this exciting new art. Be among the first to take advantage of this new art. Join the HupKwonDo organization nearest you.

2014-06-14 15.00.49Q-What martial art is the best for me?
A-If you are asking this question from the perspective of preference, then no one can really dictate to you what is best. That is a decision that you have to make for yourself. There are several factors to consider. What are your goals as a martial artist? Some styles cater to those who are interested in tournaments. Competition is a very large feature. Other styles appeal to those with aggressive personalities. Really, it is a question of research on your part. Never be afraid to investigate. Visit schools. Ask questions. The instructor is as important to you as the art you are going to learn. You want to make certain that your teacher is knowledgeable as well as being someone you can ttrust. There are a lot of bogus Schools with unqualified instructors. Be careful and never commit yourself unless you are absolutely sure. Now, if you are asking which art will get you in shape and get you ready to defend yourself effectively, as far as we are concerned the answer is HupKwonDo.

Q-Am I too old for HupKwonDo?
A-No. Senior citizens would probably be the most reluctant to involve themselves in the martial arts. They worry that the movements would shatter their brittle bones and damage their sensitive joints permanently. In HupKwonDo, they have nothing to worry about. The specialized movements are not a problem to the elderly. They will be able to perform with ease and comfort. Instead of breaking themselves down they will be building themselves up and find richer, fuller lives as a result.

hkd group 7Q-What is the youngest age at which I can enroll my child?
A-We have enrolled children as young as four. Any younger and they really do not get the full benefits. Of course no one knows your child better than you but if you are worried that HupKwonDo is too much for the little ones, worry no more. While traditional styles may be too severe for bodies that are still growing or the physical demands can be excessive and unfair. HupKwonDo is a gentle, natural discipline that children can enjoy while they learn. The risk of injury is greatly reduced. Our instructors are committed to your child’s overall development: strength, discipline and integrity, in a supportive environment. They will love it and love you for it. Besides HupKwonDo is fun, fun, fun!! Why don’t you try it too, Mom? How about you Dad? Get the whole family involved.

Q-Why are there different patterns and a different system of rank for children?
A-On a physical level, because of their shorter legs, children take more steps to cover the same distance. The same is true when it comes to learning something new. In the dojang, as at the dinner table, we can only feed children what they can digest. Because of this, our promotion system for children is designed to cover the same ground as adults but in more, shorter and less complicated steps. This means less frustration, more fun and faster progress.

Q-I am really out of shape. Would I be able to withstand the training?
A-With some other forms of martial arts you would never make it but not in HupKwonDo. The movements can be done with minimum exertion in the beginning. You will be able to set your own pace. Our instructors are very versatile and will be able to help you to make adjustments. That is the nature of the art. So, don’t worry about it anymore. Come on in and participate. You won’t be out of shape for long.

IMG_3189Q-How can HupKwonDo improve other areas of my life?
A-We help you to develop self-discipline, perseverance and self-confidence. As you progress in HupKwonDo you hone these essential character traits as well as your physical skills. HupKwonDo does not offer magical solutions or promise to change your life. But if you’re willing to invest the necessary hard work, discipline and time, you can achieve almost anything in HupKwonDo and all other aspects of your life. HupKwonDo emphasizes the spiritual and moral benefits of hard physical training. The character building aspects of HupKwonDo are particularly valuable to the young.

Q-As a woman, what benefit can I get from HupKwonDo?
A-HupKwonDo believes in the equality of all human beings. It does not believe in a macho, aggressive training environment. Mastery of HupKwonDo can be achieved by anyone, regardless of gender. HupKwonDo neutralizes the size and strength advantage of men. It also serves the urgent need for women to be able to defend themselves on the street. It is the perfect self-defense system for the modern, thinking woman.

Q-How long does it take to get a black belt?
A-If you come to class two or three times a week, it will take you about three years. So, it doesn’t take forever. You don’t have to pick up flaming pots with your bare flesh or walk on nails. Nothing out of the ordinary. Work hard that’s all. Some folks would like us to hand them a black belt without much effort on their part . We never do that. There are no shortcuts but we bet it doesn’t take as long as you thought, right?

hkd group 7Q-Why don’t HupKwonDo Schools feature full-contact sparring?
A-We do not feel it is necessary. When boxers train for a big fight they never spar all out. They wait for the big event. If they get injured they lose the opportunity to fight and the purse that goes with it. Moderate sparring is all that is required to fine tune your skills for the streets. Besides, we don’t want anyone to get killed. So if you are a macho man who wants to fight, think about training for the ring in kickboxing or something of that nature. There, you can pound away to your hearts content but not in a HupKwonDo school.

Q-Are there any tournaments that HupKwonDo International participates in?
A-Yes. Although our training methods and philosophy aren’t oriented toward competition, we are not necessarily opposed to competition, and certainly do not prevent or discourage our students from participating in open tournaments, but since competition is not our primary emphasis, we do not organize tournaments, or organize our training schedule around them. We believe that we train champions, but not the sort that need judges or medals to signify it.

IMG_21092014-06-21 11.30.59Q-What about breaking boards?Q-Is there any training that focuses upon defending against weapons?
A- Yes, when you reach the black belt level.
A-Yes, you will get to break boards. Lots of boards. We start you breaking boards as early as yellow belt, and even the children get in on the fun as well.

Q-Does Grand Master Lim give seminars on HupKwonDo? Will he travel to hold one in my locality?
A-Grand Master Lim frequently gives seminars in all of North America and around the world. He would be delighted to visit you and give you a comprehensive demonstration of the art of HupKwonDo. There are some conditions and fees that apply. See our contact page for how to request more information.

Q-How can I get answers to any other questions I might have?
A-Grandmaster Lim personally welcomes all inquiries. Contact him by e-mail, phone or regular mail at HupKwonDo International Headquarters.